Thanks so much! The blind is working great. We have a big weekend coming up with several hunters coming in. It’s the start of the rut. I will send pictures to you.

Jim, Michigan



The new EZ Hunt & Haul blind worked fantastic!  I had bucks walking within seven yards of the window and they never knew I was there.  Each morning turkeys would come into the food plot and never once did they spook.  The biggest advantage was that when mature bucks would circle downwind they never scented me.  Not once!  This is the most  practical and easiest blind to use.  I can drive my X-8 power chair up the ramp and turn around inside the blind and get into position to shoot.  Dry, warm, mobile, and scent free.  What more can you ask for?

Does it work?  Just look at the pictures!



Jim Sullivan
Founder AccessibleOutdoors.org


EZ Hunt & Haul blinds are an extremely well-thought out product! They are built well and hunting out of them is extremely easy.  EZ Hunt & Haul blinds are portable, making the maneuvering and setting up of the blind uncomplicated; so easy one man can do it. We had three hunters in the EZ Hunt & Haul, two of the hunters were carrying bows and the third was running a camera and we had plenty of space to shoot turkeys within bow range. The EZ Hunt & Haul is a covered blind which is nice for rainy and windy days, these blinds make the hunting experience comfortable and you can rest assured when the rain comes your gear won’t get ruined. With the portable EZ Hunt & Haul, it allows you the option to remove the walls and to use the trailer for all of your other needs.  The EZ Hunt & Haul would be ideal for hunters with kids; it allows the kids to familiarize themselves with hunting without the need to have to sit still and to be totally quiet. You won’t be disappointed with the purchase of your EZ Hunt & Haul.

Chad Bailey

Athens Archery staff shooter


My new blind was easy to set up and is all it claims to be! Thanks, Ron for making a great product. Satisfied customer.

Dana Lance
Buckley, MI



As a wheelchair bound hunter, I am always looking for ways to make the hunt easier. The Stealth Hunting Blind is the perfect device. Entry and exit is so much easier with its ramp than any tent blind can provide with their small zip openings. Once inside you are nearly scent proof. Last season a doe walked so close she rubbed on the side of the hunting blind. As the bucks change to their late season travel patterns, you too can change with them. The EZ Hunt & Haul Stealth Hunting Blind is the answer. Only draw back is that on a rainy, cold morning you better arrive early...you may find your hunting buddies enjoying the comfort and convenience of your Stealth Mobile Hunting Blind!



tim.jpg                                                                The EZ Hunt & Haul Stealth Hunting Blind is absolutely the very best money I have ever spent on a hunting blind. Very portable & will save you money too. Instead of buying several regular hunting blinds, you can now just buy one or two and move when necessary. I've bagged several big mature bucks while hunting in my Stealth Mobile Hunting Blind. The Stealth also blends in excellent with the terrain & surroundings. Thanks to Ron at EZ Hunt & Haul!!!!


Tim McCoy

Marianna, Fl.