About Us

We at EZ Hunt & Haul LLC would like to thank you for taking your time to check out our products. The EZ Hunt Blind permanent tower blind is truly the most versatile stealth hunting blind in the industry today. Our hunting blinds are built to the most rigorous of standards. With the Permanent Tower Blind you can explore the great outdoors while forging memories with family and friends. Our company is located in Bremen, Indiana, and has some of the state's best hunting and fishing areas.

Mission Statement

We are committed to going the extra mile to assure our customers the best products and services available. We at EZ Hunt & Haul invite you to put us to the T.E.S.T.

  • Total Honesty
  • Exceptional Service
  • Superior Products
  • Trusting Relationships

Please inform us if we did not meet your expectations

Company Philosophy

EZ Hunt & Haul LLC was established in 2011. The mission of the company at the time of inception was to manufacture and sell the highest quality mobile hunting blind possible.

It was under these fundamental beliefs that EZ Hunt & Haul LLC began its operations and continues to operate to this day. Committed to the philosophy that supports these core principles:

  • Provide the best customer service in the industry
  • Only the very best products will be used
  • We will always remain on the cutting edge of technology

These fundamental principles have been the founding guidelines under which EZ Hunt & Haul has operated and they continue to be the basis for our current operations and we believe the reason for our continued success.